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Joe's Shanghai 鹿鸣春

136-21 37th Avenue,

Flushing, NY 11354

(718) 539-3838

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What People Say

Soup dumplings. You want them. You need them. Joe’s has them. Pork or crab and pork mixed, these delicate packets have steaming hot soup hidden inside them. Eating them is a delicious challenge and it’s fun to watch people improvise their own methods for catching all the savory broth. Once you’ve wolfed down a handful of these move onto the rest of the menu. While there aren’t many surprises it’s all terrific. Some standouts include the braised pork shoulder, the eggplant with garlic sauce, and the Shanghai fried flat noodle. A recent special featuring a fried soft shelled crab was also very tasty. Ask to have it with the spicy sauce if you’re into that sort of thing. Service is in the traditional Chinese restaurant style, brisk and efficient. The decor is also pretty much what you’d expect, tight seating, plain white walls, super bright lighting, obligatory fish tank, that is to say, not very inviting. But let’s face it, human warmth and atmosphere is not why you’re here. You’re here for the piping hot soup dumplings!

These are my favorite soup dumplings in Flushing and it is what Joes is mainly known for. The wait time to sit is never long as it is a fairly large space. They always come by and ask how many trays of dumplings you want first before taking your order which is great. All of the other food Ive had here is also exceptional. Great place to go and hang out and eat with friends.

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