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Joe shanghai

9 Pell St,

New York, NY 10013

(212) 233-8888

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What People Say

  • Obvi, it's all about those XLBs!

    Came here after missing the Chinese New Year parade for the fourth year in a row...LOL, I know. Anyway, the wait was about half an hour, but these kinds of places, they move quickly so it wasn't much longer. It gave us enough time to go get cash because IT'S CASH ONLY. 

    When we were seated, everything happened quickly. We ordered two orders of soup dumplings, one order scallion pancake, one order of spring rolls, and a chicken and broccoli.

    The soup dumplings were bomb. I like when mine are very soupy, so these were perfect. if you like less soup (eww) and more dumpling, this might not be five stars for you.  

    The scallion pancake was maybe the best I've had. Perfect balance of the bread and scallion vs. too much bread. The spring rolls and chicken and broccoli were also really good. 

    I think these might be my favorite soup dumplings so far!

  • During our trip to NYC, my friends and I really wanted to eat here! I'll warn you that the wait was long, the restaurant is small so there isn't a good spot to sit while you're waiting. We got seated after about 30-40 minutes, but we had to share a table with a couple, who just about finished their food and was replaced by another couple. We actually had a good conversation with this other couple who were also traveling so I guess there's a silver lining to that.

    It's been a while since I've been here, but I do remember that their dumplings were good! To me, ​they're better than Din Tai Fung, but it wasn't better than the ones from Shanghai Asian Manor. We also had the Shanghai flat noodles, beef braised soup, and rice. The couple sitting with us offered some of their scallion pancakes and that was actually really delicious and crispy!

    Service was good and the prices were reasonable. If I ever came to NYC again (jk I will) I would definitely come back here.

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